Electrical MD YouTube Channel CLOSED – Here is why……(BREAKING KODI NEWS)

Watch the latest video from the LeeTV YouTube channel -Electrical MD YouTube Channel CLOSED – Here is why……(BREAKING KODI NEWS)!

I just released a new video on my YouTube Channel, which you can find in this post! I post new videos weekly aimed at the latest Tech News, Streaming News and VPN/Gadget Reviews.

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Anyway, without going too far off the rails, here is the latest video from my channel!

Watch Electrical MD YouTube Channel CLOSED – Here is why……(BREAKING KODI NEWS)

Hope you found the video useful!

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  1. I was wondering when YouTube was going to nuke his site. I guess corporations are above the law.
    I stream, but do it 100% legally. Reliance on VPNs not a good idea. Just a matter of time before govt cracks down on them too!

  2. I can tell you this. i do the same stuff, and i am hanging on by a thread myself. I've deleted all video's from the past because so far 2 of my vids from 2017 have strikes. so only time will tell for me…but they keep saying my vids were "harmful or dangerous" according to their guidelines….and in that category i guess they consider me showing how to hack….and my whole thing is..how am i hacking, or showing hacking, when the feature to turn on "unknown sources" is already part of the device's settings?….. real comical if you ask me!

  3. YouTube is not what it used to be. It sucks really what they're doing! All you need to do is look on Twitter and see all the complaints about YouTube. I love watching videos on YouTube but it's really not what it used to be. Not only with the Kodi thing. But pretty much everything else. YouTube, Facebook, and Google not only demonetizing and closing channels down for the most ridiculous things. But they also want to be up everyone's asses. There's no more privacy and that's what really kills me. I've gotten more emails from these companies and their affiliates telling me how their privacy policies have changed in the last 2 years than ever before. Only one name comes to mind "Edward Snowden"! He said this was going on back what almost 20+ years ago. But the worst part of it is that he said it's only going to get worse! Are they trying to bring in tyranny to the world with all their facial recognition devices and smart things. But instead of people waking up and seeing what's really going on. They want everything that has Smart stamped on it. Only to let these big companies into your home. Because that's really what all these so called smart devices are for is to invade our privacy. I just say shame on you and if our founding fathers are looking and seeing what's going on I bet they rolled over in their graves a long time ago. Oh, and don't get me started on gun control! Just another plot to have total control over us the people! SMDH!! 🤬😡

  4. Unreal fn YouTube has lost of $$ greedy that's all they are EMD grew his chanel @1M subs under a year I believe and YT didn't like that. My point of view ok he shows how to install this and get this but to me its the user that chooses to watch illegal content it's not his fault. F YT I might just get off this app all together. Thanks for the info sorry venting on your channel

  5. Lee, I'm very sorry to hear this shut down.
    I believe YouTube has gone downhill.
    People love to learn, including me. It seems to me, YouTube doesn't want anyone to learn things anymore. Maybe it is about money😞😞😞
    Thanks for this information, much appreciated.

  6. Sorry to see this happen it was a great and informative channel on how to learn to be a cord cutter.The big Money hungry corporations Dish Network, Comcast, and the others are losing millions of subscribers because of exorbitant prices for packages and content we don’t want. YouTube doesn’t want to loose the backing of these Corps.and lose money too. So they go after the YouTubers in order to show they are doing something to try to stop the public from learning how to save some money. I’m 72 years old and I say to all the YouTubers keep the Vidios coming for old timers like me and the public.


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